Protecting confectionery for sale, keeping it fresh, and most importantly, getting your customers interested in buying from you because you are committed to a lifestyle.

Gravity Bins

Sale of free-falling, non-stick candy.

Air tight

In our program, you can choose from a range of airtight candy boxes that allow you to be creative.

Store equipment

With our furniture you can create a complete candyshop, we manufacture wooden and aluminum furnishings in our own workshop.

Wooden boxes

When creativity and budgetary restraint are required, the use of wooden boxes is a good choice.
Shelves, distinctive cabinets and counters offer striking possibilities for the design of a candyshop.

Ecological handling also in confectionery sales.

Ecological handling of our products, little food waste and the use of packaging that does not end up in the wild but can be used sustainably are becoming increasingly important in our lives.


Another advantage.

Another advantage is that these products are free of toxic substances.
The collection of containers is nice to look at and stimulates the sale of loose food.
This type of sale is also called delivery of bulk food.
Hence the name of our website


The products stay fresh longer.

The bins, containers and manholes are all made from sustainable materials that will last a long time and are ultimately recyclable.
Certainly, these containers are made of clear plastic, which is not to say that the use is not sustainable. The containers we sell are very sturdy and therefore have a long life, protect the confectionery and the products stay fresh longer.



Again, a broad term, because it means the sale of confectionery, pasta, grains, seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, also pet food to bamboo toothbrushes, dental floss and vegan products.
We have way too much waste these days and increasingly appreciate our country stores or health food stores with local products, directly from our surroundings.
We offer a wide range of products that can support this way of life.


In bio store.

All our products fit into candyshops and supermarkets aware of our nature.

Our way of life.

"What we eat and how we shop has never been more political. The growth of the new generation of zero-waste stores should be seen as part of a long-term struggle to change the world and make our lifestyles more conscious."

Made of high quality plastic.

The container is well closed to ensure the freshness of the product.
This self-service container is made of high quality plastic and is virtually unbreakable.
All free flowing dry food products such as coffee beans, rice, cereals, pasta, nuts, mixes, candies are suitable to offer to your customers.
These injection molded products are BPA free and FDA approved.
By means of a hook, you can attach the container to the wall or also place it on the shelf with the included foot.


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