A proven sales concept for confectionery.


These acrylic candy containers with retractable unbreakable PET lids on the front and back have been used for years and form a proven candy sales concept.

This way you can use first in and first out sales, so candy can be refilled the right way and there is no aging of candy.
In many candy stores, these candy boxes are placed and make a nice sales wall in the different configurations seen in the photos.
Placed in the special furniture for confectionery, these containers form a proven overall concept for the sale of sweets.

Special furniture for confectionery.


Of course, you can hire a local furniture manufacturer for this, or you can choose Tego store shelves or similar store fixtures.
Confectionery bins have a size of 40 cm depth, 15.5 cm height and 19 cm width.

If you let us know how much retail space you have available, we can make you a suitable offer.
You can put the candy cylinders on an additional shelf.
If you have a wall that has space for transparent decorative cylinders that can be half-filled with candy, then we have a promotional store concept for you.
For you a customized interior.

Acrylic is a clearer material that can be processed and glued in many shapes.
You can use it to create beautiful store interiors.
But production and material cost is always an investment.

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Tell us more about your retail space,
How much space do you have available and what maximum budget do you want to work with? Then we will check the possibilities for you.


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