Candy presenter or pastry presenter,display case made of crystal clear acrylic glass.

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Candy presenter or pastry presenter.

Elegant display case for presenting candies or baked goods, including three shelves.
The clear acrylic glass provides a good view of your products.
Easy to fill through the swing door.

Material thickness 5mm
width 250mm
Height 530mm

3-tier plexyglass display case.

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3-tier plexyglass display case.

For use on counters or sales counters.
For presenting sweets, confectionery, pastries and rolls.

Suitable for three baking trays or glass shelves measuring 400 x 600 mm.
Shelves of float glass costs about € 75, -, Thick 6mm, see picture here below.
Ideal spit protection for the counter area.
The sheets or glass shelves are inserted at a slight angle,
two adhesive suckers on the underside ensure a secure hold.

Cover plexiglass spit shield...

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Cover hood made of plexiglass.
Cover hood made of clear acrylic glass for use on tables and counters. Best suited for the food industry.
The four suction cups provide a good grip on smooth surfaces,
the hood is open to the back for easy removal of goods.

Material thickness 4 mm
Width 585mm
Depth 375mm

Cover hood for reliable spit protection!

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Cover hood as reliable cough protection!

It's so easy to create hygienic solutions for baked goods and food: With a cover hood as a reliable cough protection!
non-slip; suitable for baking tray with dimensions 600 x 200 mm (W x H);

Acrylic spit shield for use on counters or sales counters.

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High acrylic spit shield for use on counters or sales counters.
The backward inclined front panel and 6 anti-slip nubs ensure perfect presentation of goods.
Material thickness 6mm
Width 630mm

Spit guard made of PET almost unbreakable for use on counters or sales counters.

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Transparent protective cover for the counter.
Made of PET.
Pet is slightly less transparent than acrylic, virtually unbreakable.

Extremely inexpensive hood.
Price per piece
Dimensions: see table.

Delivery time for other hoods 2-4 working weeks.

From stock:
1000 x 400mm,
650 x 400mm,
1200 x 170mm.

Folding cover acrylic glass.

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Foldable cover hood

Practical, flat folding cover for use on tables or counters. For covering baked goods, ideal as hygiene protection in the salesroom.
Material:Acrylic glass
Material thickness:4mm
Color:crystal clear
Width:585 mm
Height:102 mm
Depth:375 mm

Acrylic tasting plate.

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Tasting plate for presenting baked goods or offering "appetizers" :

Perfect for tasting and presenting samples with the help of a sample picker is this decorative acrylic tray.
tray made of acrylic glass.
Tasting plate for presenting baked goods or offering "appetizers" .
With U-Tache for DIN A5 formats - ideal for promoting new products on the sales counter and in the salesroom.

Acrylic snack wave or bread stairs.

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Snack wave

Snack waves are used in bakeries and snack bars.
The transparent material is hardly noticeable in the counters. Thus, sandwiches and snacks can be presented attractively.


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