Sale ball PC

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"Candy sale ball PC" product information.

The ideal display for promotion and sale of small items. Also ideal for trade shows. Two-piece display consisting of a flattened lower half with glides for better adhesion to the surface and an upper half with a round gray opening to hold the candy. The gray opening can be aligned in two positions. If desired, a price tag can be placed between the two half scales. Supplied without price tag.
Product overview
Material: polycarbonate practically unbreakable
Outer dimensions incl. rim:
290x230 mm (WxH).
Color: transparent
Inner width: 245 mm
Handle opening:
150 mm

Ball display or sales ball with round opening.

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ø 230mm, 3mm

I/4 wall candy ball.

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I/4 wall candy ball, ready to use with one click.
The unbreakable quarter sphere with back offers you a great way to display your goods on walls or other surfaces.
Using the quarter scale is very simple. First, the back part is screwed directly to the desired surface or fixed with suction cups (not included). The scale itself can then be applied with a click. No additional tools are required.
A distributor is available separately.
Product overview
Material: PC
Color: transparent Width: 280mm
Height: 115mm

Sales ball for sweets.

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consisting of 2 hemispheres with edge (width: approx. 15 mm) and a gray opening,
incl. loose base (with adhesive tip); material: 3 mm acrylic glass; color: crystal clear.

Sales balls are ideal for small items.
The gray opening makes it easier for customers to grab items.

Available in 3 sizes:

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Candy ball with card holder

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consisting of 2 half shells
with one card holder,
Color: transparent, ø 200 mm

Candy bowl hemisphere on foot.

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zur Präsentation von kleinen und großen Artikeln;
Material: Acryl; Farbe: glasklar
ø 200 mm
transparent, ø 200 mm

Acrylic candy shell with metal base

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Für die Produktpräsentation,
Material: Acryl, farbiges Halbgeschoss auf Metallbasis
glasklar, ø 300
Gesamthöhe 350mm
H: 350mm

Acrylic candy shell on metal base

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For product presentation,
Material: acrylic, color mezzanine:
crystal clear, ø 300
Table model,
Total height: 900mm

Acrylic glass hemispheres sales garbage cans, sales display.

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For product presentation,
Material: acrylic, color mezzanine:
crystal clear, ø 300
Table model,
Total height: 900mm

Feet for sales display with hemispheres.

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Acrylic base or stand for hemispheres!

Diameter: ø 400 mm
Diameter: ø 500 mm
Diameter: ø 600 mm
diameter: ø 800 mm

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Half round acrylic bowl candy ball for grabbing candy or other.

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Half round acrylic bowl candy ball for grabbing candy or other.

Column with hemisphere display.

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Half acrylic ball/action display with base plate.

Material: metal/acrylic glass
Color: chrome/clear glass
Diameter: 500mm
Height 900mm

Column with 3 hemispherical displays.

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Heavy chrome plated/
black-grey marble base plate ø 350 mm
provides the necessary stability
incl. acrylic trays ø 300 mm with matching black wire hangers

total height 1500mm

choice of 3 or 4 gripper trays

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Candy trays on stainless steel holder 1 liter per tray.

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Display for presenting the coffee or candy corner.

The stand is made of stainless steel and is the holder for 3 pcs.
"Frosted look" crystal clear plastic bowls PS.
Each bowl has a capacity of 1 liter.


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