Narrow version


There are 3 types of gravity dispensers available
The narrow version ZLH-006 71 x35 x10cm
capacity 13 liters
The narrow version ZLH-005 46x35 x10cm
capacity 10 liters
The narrow version ZLH-004 46x35x10cm

Wide version


There are three types of gravity dispensers
The wide version ZLH-001 71x34x15,2cm
capacity 19 liters
The wide version ZLH-002 57x 34x15,2cm
capacity 13 liters
The wide version ZLH-003 43.5x34x15,2cm

Gravity dispenser with handle.

These are containers, injection molded products designed for the "zero waste shopping experience" or food waste prevention. Suitable for all free flowing dry goods.
They are Highly transparent unbreakable PCTG container, which is not easy to break and durable...;
A first-in-first-out system to preserve food freshness;
It is Well sealed to ensure the freshness of the food;
With Excellent quality of this self-serve dispenser, which can meet your various requirements for dispensing dry food such as candy, coffee beans, dry food, etc.
The products are FDA approved and BPA free;
And Suitable for all free flowing products, such as candy, cereal, beans, candy, rice, seeds, nuts, mixes, grains, etc;
Either with a hook to attach to the wall or with a plastic base that you can attach to a shelf.

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