Large container for CANDYBOXES, 8 liters.

Large container for food, 8 liters.
Large container for food.
It is suitable for all scoopable food and such as confectionery;
Stackable design that saves space and catches the eye. Suitable for any supermarket, candy store, health food store, etc.
1. FDA approved and BPA free.
2. easy to clean.
3.Well-sealed container to prevent spoilage.
4.Perfect for all pick & mix products.
5.For placing on table and shelf.
6. Stackable design and a feast for the eyes.


Candyboot 13 liter boot model, with sugar drawer.

Bottom drawer to properly recycle food waste.
Virtually unbreakable input PCTG plastic case; non-toxic and tasteless; high light transmission to display food perfectly;
Product label and price tag can be placed in the holder;
Easy to clean and wash;
Color: Transparent
Size: 35x32x22.2cm (height x depth x width)
Capacity: 13L Material: PCTG Weight: 2.5KG FDA Approval /BPA Free


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