Custom acrylic candy boxes.

Polymethyl methacrylate lets about ninety percent of the light through.

Polymethyl methacrylate transmits about ninety percent of light and is therefore often used as a substitute for glass, over which it offers a number of advantages:

It is lighter;
It is easy to produce in all shapes;
It is good to glue.
It lets more light through than conventional glass.

Table model candy box for loose confectionery.

Candybox fur lose Sußwaren.

Acrylic candy containers are found in most candy stores because they beautifully display all the colors of candy.
The lids ensure that contamination from customers is prevented and act as a spit guard and more or less prevent your candy from aging.
We sell several models that you can place separately on a counter or table.

Acrylic box table model.
Holzschrank mit Tischmodell Acryglas candybox Tischmodell Acrylbox.

Acryl Candybox

The table model has a size of 20 cm wide, 14 cm high and has a total depth of 26 cm.
The lid has a recess for the candy scoop.

Tischmodell Acrylglasbox

Candy box for loose confectionery.


It is much nicer to build a complete wall of candies to offer your customers a wide assortment. Presenting 150 to 180 different types of candy is quite normal in a candy store today.
With acrylic cabinets of one square meter with 25 different candy boxes, you can create a stunning store that your customers will talk about for years to come.
If you place packaged candies in the candy silos on the acrylic cabinets, you have made the best use of the sales wall.

Verkaufswand mit Möbel.
Verkaufswand mit Acrylboxen. Candybox für Verkaufswand.

Acrylic wall with 25 boxes.

Acrylic box for the acrylic cabinet of one square meter has a size of 25cm depth and width of 19 cm. The height of this forest is 17 cm.
You take this box from the acrylic cabinet, fill it with candy and put it back safely.
The system has been thought about and it is mature. The system has already proven itself in many to hundreds of candy stores.
Acylate glass display case holds 25 candy boxes.

Verkaufswand mit Candyboxen.

With candy cylinders, the candy sells itself.


If you place packaged candies in the candy silos on the acrylic cabinets, you have made the best use of the sales wall.

Candybox Zylinder Verkaufen.
Candywand a Candyzylinder.

Candybox cylinder

Candybox cylinder
The round candybox can be used as a candy unit.
This cylinder can be filled halfway for viewing.
The back part of this cylinder can be filled with candy, the candy can be scooped....
Minimum quantity per 5 pieces.
The height of this scoop candy container is 45 cm ø 20 cm.

Candywand b

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